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Privacy Policy

Association for Nuclear Technology in Medicine (ANTM) compiles with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal Information protection. Also, ANTM have established Privacy Policy to ensure that Personal Information is handled appropriately through our rules and system.

1. Handling of personal information

Personal Information is data that be used to identify or contact a single person, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and date of birth. ANTM will specify clearly the purposes of use, and will use within the scope of it, When ANTM may ask you to provide Personal Information.

2. Disclosure to third parties

Personal information will never be provided to third parties, except for the following purposes.
  1. To contact you by us or others involved in our activities.
  2. To obtain your consent.
  3. To provide Personal Information by all applicable laws and regulations.

3. Inquiry of personal information

ANTM will respond promptly to requests from individuals for inquiry or correction or deletion of the contents of personal information. Please contact us at (Tel.03-3504-3961) the General Affairs Department of ANTM. At that time, please be allowed to confirm your identification.

4. Security measures

ANTM will strive to maintain correct personal information and take appropriate steps to ensure the security of the information, including by preventing danger leakage, loss, or damage.